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Digi-Trax has been a leader in supplying hardware, software, labels and ribbons to blood bank donor centers and hospital transfusion centers for years.  HemaTrax, our leading on demand blood bank software labeling system is installed at over 2,000 sites nationwide.  Our high quality printers, labels and ribbons produce crisp, readable labels for ISBT 128 bar codes.

Digi-Trax is a longstanding member of AABB, CLMA and a registered manufacturer with ICCBBA.  We have been consulting members to ISBT and actively participated in the AABB ISBT 128 implementation guideline task force. We are currently involved in the ATAG Advisory Group that manages the ISBT 128 US consensus standards.

Having decades of experience and leadership in blood bank labeling, be sure to contact us for all your blood banking requirements.
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