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HemaTrax®-UNITY is a feature rich label design software application with over 25 years of development behind it. Whether you're connecting to a hosted BECS (Blood Establishment Computer System) or a standalone system, HemaTrax-UNITY is the product of choice for blood banks and transfusion centers.  With over 1,500 active HemaTrax® installations worldwide, you can be assured our time-tested software will reduce or eliminate labeling errors and ultimately increase patient safety.

    Digi-Trax recommends these bar code scanners for use with HemaTrax:  
    Motorola LS2208 Motorola DS6878 Zebra DS6707  
    Validation System: Digi-Trax strongly suggests clients consider our tested and proven self-validation system protocol for FDA approval of their ISBT 128 labels. This validation will most likely be more cost effective than the facility's internal validation or an outside consultant service.  Do you have more questions? Contact Digi-Trax today for more information.  
  Technical Bulletin 5-27-2014 How to add new blood products in UNITY's "old" product table database        
  Easy Installation, Configuration and Setup

• Download online or install CD
• Configure up to 64 printer ports per server
• The server interface allows printer port configuration from the
• Define the port type (COMx or IP Address in dotted notation)
• Select communications baud rate [COMx ports only]
• Enable or disable error detection protocol (CRC) [COMx ports

• Online or CD


Easy To Use HemaTrax® integration for Developers

• No printer specific format languages to learn
• No need to develop and maintain label formats
• No label design compliance learning curve
• Online software manuals provided as PDF files

Keeps Product Label Table Current

• Includes the latest product label definitions
• Locates ICCBBA product codes via search on known characteristics
• Modifies existing label text
• Adds new ICCBBA products
• Creates in-process product codes (A0001 - D9999)
• Allows users to add new or locally defined products as needed.

  Prints all approved ISBT-128 Label Quadrants &

• Full Base Label
• ABO-Rh Label
• ABO-Rh / Date-Time Label
• ABO-Rh/Expiration Date Label
• Date-Time Label
• Facility Label
• Facility / Product Label
• Intended Recipient Label
• Product Label
• Product / Date-Time Label
• Product/Expiration Date Label
• Collection or Expiration Date & Time Label
• Instruction label (general purpose use)

To Print Donor Identification Numbers In Sequence,
a separate software program is required:

Product number: ISBT-B 
DIN Software

Please contact our customer service department
for more information at 800-356-6126 or at info@digi-trax.com.

  Audit Trail

• The program produces a full set of label audit trail reports for
   development of label SOPs and reconciliation.

Secure System

• Includes multi-level password security to prevent unauthorized
   access and use

Prints Four ABC Codabar Label Types

• ABO-Rh & Special Message Labels (1.75" x 3")
• Product Labels (2.3" x 1")
• Expiration Date Labels
• DIN Labels

Lifecycle Software Service (LSS)

Low cost annual fee provides:
-All ISBT 128 upgrades
-Software support
-Installation support
-Hardware and technical support
-ISBT 128 labeling and supplies support

  HemaTrax®-UNITY Application Requirements

MS Windows XP, 2003 server, Vista, 2008 server and Windows 7 -- TCP/IP Network Ready
  • Intel Pentium or Equivalent Architecture  
  • 1GB RAM (minimum)  
  • 10GB Hard Drive (minimum free space)  
  CD-ROM, DVD or BluRay drive (for installing software)  
  1 Available Serial COM port (minimum)  
  VGA Monitor at 800x600 resolution  
  Network Interface Card  
  Report Printer (network or local)  
  Digi-Trax label printer with special firmware  

HemaTrax® Brochures & White Papers

HemaTrax 2015 brochure 

HemaTrax brings you more!
2 Years FREE Zebra printer service
& label pricing contract info

White Paper

ISBT128 DIN Labeling
Hema-Trax App Whitepaper


Donation ID Number Set Printing with Hema-Trax ISBT 128 Print Server

Date: November 2005
Published by: Digi-Trax Corp.
Mr. Larry Cullen

White Paper

Putting Patient Safety First with ISBT 128 Compliance 

Application White Paper: Eliminating errors with new technology. Sample images and descriptions of ISBT Label layouts, and FDA guidelines.

Date:  October 20, 2006
Published by:  Digi-Trax Corp.

White Paper

Digi-Trax & Zebra
ISBT 128 Brochure

Simplify ISBT-128 Compliance with Digi-Trax Labeling Solutions.

Date:  2006
Published by:  Digi-Trax Corp. and ZEBRA Technologies

White Paper

ISBT 128 Bar Code Requirements

Bar code requirements for ISBT 128 Implementation

January 20, 2006
Published by: CBER/ FDA
CBER - Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, FDA

The Digi-Trax Corporation Proposal to Reduce Medical Errors 


A detailed look at how machine readable bar codes and ISBT 128 can greatly reduce errors, improve patient safety and lower operating costs at your facility.

Date: 2006
Published by: Digi-Trax Corp.
by Mr. Richard Kriozere
  Browse additional white papers for a full overview of ISBT 128, learn about CBER and how it can help your facility.

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