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RepliTrax™ is an economical, easy-to-use stand-alone (no PC required) bar code replication system that allows any facility to replicate labels.  It can print a myriad of bar codes including both 1D and 2D bar codes:

• 1-D: ISBT-128 (bag or tube), Code 128, Code 39 and Codabar
• 2-D: Aztec and Data Matrix


Contact Digi-Trax at 800-356-6126 or at info@digi-trax.com for more information

  The system includes:

• Honeywell® Xenon 1900 bar code scanner

• Zebra® GX430t 300 dpi thermal transfer printer, with RepliTrax™ software
  pre-loaded on the printer

• A free roll of high-durability ribbon and labels
  RepliTrax™ Brochures & Setup Guide:         
  RepliTrax Brochure
  Brochure & with detailed Setup Guide
6 pages, 5MB 
  RepliTrax Label Examples (not to scale):

  DIN Piggyback Set 
Supplies & Consumables:

A. Product # ISBT-128-G Piggyback ISBT 128 DIN Set: 3.74” x 4.5”, 250/ fan fold), 6 bag labels, 6 tube labels, 9 pig-tails); 6 rolls (1500 labels)
    and 3 rolls ribbon RR-CT-G4, purchase by the case.

B. Product # DIN-1875-G Single Ply DIN labels 1.875” x .75”, 1000 per roll, purchase by the roll.

C. Product # DIN-125-G Single Ply DIN labels 1.25” x .75”, 1000 per roll, purchase by the roll.

D. Ribbon product # RR-CT-G2, 2.5” x 243’ able to print 3 rolls of either DIN-1875-G or DIN-125-G

All labels have FDA acceptable adhesive (CFR 21, Sec. 175.105) and will withstand waterbath, freezing, bleach disinfecting, and resists abrasion.

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