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• Temp range: 0C to +40C.
• Resolution: 1C.
• Accuracy: +/- 1C.
• Faster response time.
• Easy to read angled display.
• Includes battery backup for easy portability.
• NIST "Certificate of Calibration" is shipped with
   each unit.
  Maintain the required refrigeration temperature

The Temp-Check (Model TC-12) highly specialized flat bed thermometer determines the temperature of small blood bags or containers in seconds. Designed for hospital or laboratory use, it measures the temperature of plasma, red blood cells, cryo precipitate or other materials removed from the freezer, cooler or storage, and are placed on the sensing pad. This non-invasive, precise temperature refraction system works in seconds and allows personnel to feel confident that the proper temperature has been maintained while transporting the bag-- whether it's to be used for transfusion or returned to stock at the blood bank.


• Validates the temperature of thawed plasma
• Displays the temperature of returned materials to cold storage or blood bank
• Provides quality control of standard blood bank procedures
• Verifies blood product temperature when received at blood bank

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