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  TT Sensor Plus™   A Smart Label that Records Time and Temperature  

  Perfect for cold chain process

Ensure the products that you send throughout the supply chain maintain the proper temperature during transport. For blood products and pharmaceutical products, the TT Sensor Plus is quite effective; it’s designed for specifically for cold chain tracking. You can ensure clear identification of biological materials from collection to storage, transportation and delivery to the facility and, ultimately, the patient.

How It Functions

TT Sensor Plus records the temperatures an item is exposed to throughout its supply chain journey. Based on these temperatures, TT Sensor Plus™ indicates if the item is suitable for its intended use. The data is stored in a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip and can be uploaded to a smartphone at any time, anywhere. The technology incorporates sensor functionality and temperature data logging capabilities in a cost-effective disposable label solution.

TT Sensor Plus™ brochure and specifications

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  • Operating temperature range of -20C to +50C

• Embedded Near Field Communication (NFC) and temperature sensor microchip

• Real-time clock for data logging

• Temperature alarm

• Temperature accuracy of 0.5C at -10C to +20C

• Battery has two-year shelf life and is disposable, with no heavy metals and landfill safe

• Corresponding mobile app to configure, read and manage temperature data

• Temperature resolution = 0.01C

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