Blood Temperature Indicator 10°C

Provide Irreservible Evidence of a Core Temp Breach
Product code: BT10-INDICATOR-TSSO

Blood Temperature Indicators 10° 

Ensuring your blood bags maintain the right temperature during transport is crucial for blood safety and quality. The blood temp indicator improves your blood safety practices with a cost-effective solution for temperature monitoring. Whether you’re transporting from the blood bank or to the OR, our Blood Temp Indicator will provide you with irreversible evidence of a core temperature breach above 10°C.

The temperature indicator is slightly over 1 inch tall and ¾” wide and easily adheres to the blood bag. With the simple push of a button, the indicator tracks the core temperature. Once the indicator is armed by pushing the button, the indicator window displays white for temperatures below 10°C and changes to blue if the temperature exceeds 10°C. The color coded alert allows for quick accept or reject decisions. This process expedites the handling of your blood units while ensuring quality.

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BT10 User Guide

Blood Temp Indicator Validation Procedure

BT10 validation and testing protocol

BT10 Certificates of Compliance

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Indicator is inactive


The white line indicates acceptable temperatures below 10°C. The green indicates the product is armed.


The blue line indicates a temperature breach above 10°C

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