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HemaTrax® ISBT 128 label software

Safely labeling blood products in thousands of facilities worldwide


Implement ISBT 128 Cellular Therapy labeling

Scan 5 Bar Codes At Once

with the DS8100-HC

Decrease Blood Waste

Blood Temp Indicators provide irreversible evidence of exposure to unacceptable temperatures

Laserband™ Patient Identification Wristbands

Safe and secure Positive Patient ID
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Digi-Trax® is instrumental in transforming healthcare organizations across the world by applying bar coding and RFID strategies. As a technology solutions partner, we enhance client data structures while mitigating risk to improve your workflow. Now and into the future, we will be with you every step of the way to implement and support the right strategy for your facility.

Premier blood identification labeling systems
from Digi-Trax®

ISBT 128 Compliance

HemaTrax® and HemaTrax®-CT are installed in thousands of facilities worldwide and provide unmatched efficiency, performance and reliability


HemaTrax® is the industry leading ISBT 128 compliant labeling system. Available in two versions – standalone and network integrated.


Now is the time to implement a simple, on demand print solution for ISBT 128 Cellular Therapy labeling. Don’t be ISBT 128 non-compliant!


RepliTrax™ is a standalone label replication system. You can easily replicate any bar code without the hassle of a computer and software.

Blood Temp Indicators 10°C

Digi-Trax BT-10 Indicators are a simple way to monitor whether blood temperatures are maintained below 10°C

TT Sensor Plus™

TT Sensor Plus records the temperatures a blood product is exposed to throughout its supply chain journey

Patient Identification

As a Zebra reseller, we offer the Laserband® product line, the classic wristband in healthcare

Now available from Digi-Trax!

Built specifically for healthcare, the all new TC52-HC touch computer is designed to improve the patient experience. Check out our video on the benefits of this multifunctional new solution.

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