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HemaTrax® ISBT 128 label software

Safely labeling blood products in thousands of facilities worldwide


Implement ISBT 128 Cellular Therapy labeling

Eliminate Mislabeling and Errors

With Digi-Trax® Specimen Labeling Solutions

Scan Multiple Bar Codes At Once

with the DS8100-HC

Decrease Blood Waste

Blood Temp Indicators provide irreversible evidence of exposure to unacceptable temperatures

Laserband™ Patient Identification Wristbands

Safe and secure Positive Patient ID
solutions from Digi-Trax

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Digi-Trax® is instrumental in transforming healthcare organizations across the world by applying bar coding and RFID strategies. As a technology solutions partner, we enhance client data structures while mitigating risk to improve your workflow. Now and into the future, we will be with you every step of the way to implement and support the right strategy for your facility.

Need a new healthcare bar code label printer? Buy the SATO CT4-LX desktop and CL4NX Plus tabletop printers from Digi-Trax®

The CT4-LX desktop printer and CL4NX Plus tabletop printers are in stock and available from Digi-Trax®.

The CT4-LX is compatible with our HemaTrax® blood labeling software and our HemaTrax®-CT Cellular Therapy labeling software.

The CL4NX Plus tabletop printer is compatible with our HemaTrax® blood labeling software.


Are those old bar code scanners in your lab in need of a refresh? Get the Code Reader CR1500 & 2700 bar code scanners from Digi-Trax®

The Code Reader CR1500 and CR2700 are in stock and available now! They’re both ergonomic, lightweight and purpose built to withstand those harsh conditions at your facility. The CR2700 is our first bar code scanner to feature inductive wireless charging.


Digi-Trax ISBT 128 Cellular Therapy 4" x 4" MFG label for clinical trials and manufacturing

The new HemaTrax®-CT v3.7.1 MFG Label Format

HemaTrax®-CT v3.7.1 is available now

Our latest software upgrade for Cellular Therapy labeling includes an apheresis collection product label format created for cellular therapy clinical trials and manufacturing.

This label format is designed specifically for clinical trial sponsors, manufacturers, staff at clinical trial facilities, apheresis collection centers and hospitals that conduct clinical trials or receive manufactured products.

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What’s New At Digi-Trax?

Learn about new blood bank labeling hardware and software from Digi-Trax. See our all new blood bank printers, scanners and HemaTrax® ISBT 128 labeling software updates in just 2 and a half minutes.

TLP and Digi-Trax® – Perfect partners in DIN labeling

TLP and Digi-Trax have teamed up to provide high quality, very cost competitive DIN labels to blood centers and transfusion services departments. With decades of combined experience, we offer DIN labels produced using the premier track and trace system. Our verification processes are second to none and you will have peace of mind knowing that you have purchased 100% accurate blood labels for significantly less money.

With label demand remaining strong during this pandemic, lead times for raw materials have lengthened and become somewhat unsteady. While we are monitoring our suppliers closely and bringing in additional inventory, if you are a Digi-Trax label customer, please consider this situation and place upcoming orders with as much advance notice as possible. Order early! Thank you for your understanding during this time.

Premier blood identification labeling systems
from Digi-Trax®

ISBT 128 Compliance

HemaTrax® and HemaTrax®-CT are installed in thousands of facilities worldwide and provide unmatched efficiency, performance and reliability


HemaTrax® is the industry leading ISBT 128 compliant labeling system. Available in two versions – standalone and network integrated.


Now is the time to implement a simple, on demand print solution for ISBT 128 Cellular Therapy labeling. Don’t be ISBT 128 non-compliant!


RepliTrax™ is a standalone label replication system. You can easily replicate any bar code without the hassle of a computer and software.

Blood Temp Indicators 10°C

Digi-Trax BT-10 Indicators are a simple way to monitor whether blood temperatures are maintained below 10°C

ZT411 Tabletop Printer for Blood Labeling

A New Level of Performance, Versatility and Ease of Use. Earn a rebate of up to $150 per printer when you trade in your ZM400 and upgrade to the new ZT411 blood bank printer from Digi-Trax®

Patient Identification

As a Zebra reseller, we offer the Laserband® product line, the classic wristband in healthcare

Zebra Healthcare Printers

Increase the efficiency of your facility’s operations with the ZD621-HC and the ZD421-HC Healthcare Printers. These upgraded models deliver increased performance, reliability and have new wireless options available!

The CS60-HC Series Companion Scanner

This Zebra scanner can be converted to either cordless or corded depending upon your application. One scanner works in all departments in the hospital. This ultra-portable and pocketable scanner is great for nurses and all staff. Learn more

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Get The TC52-HC from Digi-Trax

Built specifically for healthcare, the all new TC52-HC touch computer is designed to improve the patient experience. Check out our video on the benefits of this multifunctional new solution.

Zebra Advanced Healthcare Specialist badge 2019 512px
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See our systems and products in action at dozens of healthcare annual meetings and trade shows around the country each year

Authorized Reseller

Digi-Trax prides itself on selecting the best manufacturers in the marketplace

The Digi-Trax® Difference

Digi-Trax® is not just a premier reseller of the leading hardware manufacturers’ products. We offer a number of consultative and support services to fully manage all of your healthcare identification needs.

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To Digi-Trax Clientsupdated August 1, 2022

Over the past few months, lead times for label raw material as well as hardware continue to lengthen and remain unsteady. Demand is also quite strong, and we are closely monitoring our suppliers. Whenever possible, we bring in additional inventory to meet clients’ needs. When planning to order labels, printers, mobile computers, scanners, etc, please do so with as much advanced notice as possible. Order early! Thank you for your understanding during this time.

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