Laboratory Labels

From Micro Workcards and slide labels to container and receipt labels

Laboratory Labels

Digi-Trax has an extensive line of labels for the laboratory— from micro workcards and slide labels to container and receipt labels. Be sure to check our Specimen Collection section for additional offerings.

We offer specially matched high durability ribbons that are packed in label/ ribbon kits. Also, we offer ribbon quantities to match what is needed for the number of labels you order for your printer.

Ask about our comprehensive FREE printer service and label programs.

Digi-Trax offers the entire line of hardware, software, accessories, labels, service and support for the following laboratory information systems:

CliniSys (contact your Sunquest account manager for your hardware options)
Oracle Cerner

Digi-Trax® is your full service solution provider for our LIS partners.

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Laboratory Labels & Supplies

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Specimen Collection Labels

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The number attributed to wrong site surgeries due to mislabeling or incorrect display of test specimens or results.


The percent of identification errors caused by incorrect specimen labeling.


The percent of specimen labeling errors during the collection process that account for adverse events.

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Laboratory Labeling

Labeling blood and other samples at the time they are collected improves patient safety and helps prevent a host of problems related to misidentification — including many of the estimated 160,900 adverse events that occur in U.S. hospitals annually because of sample identification errors. There is a strong and growing body of evidence within medical literature that creating specimen identification labels on demand at the patient bedside with a mobile printer can significantly reduce errors.

Accurate labeling at the point of care can prevent many specimen identification errors and resulting problems. Specimen labeling errors accounted for 55.5 percent of identification errors in a study conducted by the College of American Pathologists. Specimen labeling, the most common error, occurred more than twice as much as the second-most common cause.

The specimen label produced at the bedside is the crucial link between the benefits of automated management systems and real-world processes. There can be no specimen accuracy and patient safety benefits without durable labels and consistently excellent print quality. Label readability is the most important criteria when selecting a printer for specimen labeling. Barcodes, text and graphics must be clear and long lasting to provide accurate identification from the time of collection through to final disposal or storage. In addition, printers should be fast enough to produce labels on-demand without inconveniencing the phlebotomist.

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To Digi-Trax Clientsupdated January 22, 2023

Over the past year, lead times for label raw material as well as hardware continue to lengthen and remain unsteady. Demand is also quite strong, and we are closely monitoring our suppliers. Whenever possible, we bring in additional inventory to meet clients’ needs. When planning to order labels, printers, mobile computers, scanners, etc, please do so with as much advanced notice as possible. Order early! Thank you for your understanding during this time.