Mobile Computers & Tablets

Give your healthcare workers the right tools to complete their unique work tasks faster, smarter and better.

Mobile Computers & Tablets

Our lineup of mobile devices let your clinicians access applications, scan barcodes, snap a photo, view a video and place a private or push-to-talk call to virtually anyone in your healthcare facility – all with a single device. We offer premier Zebra mobile computers and tablets that are best-in-class. The tough hospital environment meets its match in the light, rugged, pocket-sized computers that look and feel like the most popular consumer style smart phones.

Zebra ET40-HC & ET45-HC

Avoid the hidden costs of consumer devices while addressing critical safety concerns

Zebra TC5X-HC Series

The latest generation of Zebra’s mobile computers deliver the ultimate in rugged design, performance, and ease of use

Zebra TC21-HC & TC26-HC

Give all your non-clinical healthcare workers the tools they need to work together to deliver the highest quality patient care with the affordable TC21-HC and TC26-HC mobile computers

Zebra TC52-HC & TC57-HC

Get all the features you need to provide every patient with the highest quality of care. You get a durable device built for healthcare, with Android’s unmatched ease of use

Zebra TC51-HC

Designed for healthcare and perform all tasks including mobile computing, clinical collaboration and data capture, the TC51-HC improves productivity with a device that is easy to use as a smartphone

ET40-HC animated GIF 5 images

Zebra ET40-HC & ET45-HC

Newly released: The ET40-HC (WiFi only) and ET45-HC (WiFi + cellular) are Zebra’s latest Enterprise Healthcare Tablets. Featuring a rugged design that withstands the harsh healthcare environment, they’ll improve the patient experience with unmatched durabality. These tablets allow you to work faster and smarter.

Zebra TC5x series mobile computer

Zebra TC5X Series

The TC52x, TC52ax and the TC57x build upon the best-selling TC52 and TC57 with all the latest mobile innovations.

TC21-HC mobile computer

Zebra TC21-HC & TC26-HC

The TC21-HC and TC26-HC are the ulimate cost-effective mobile computers built for healthcare.

Zebra TC52-HC mobile computer

Zebra TC52-HC & TC57-HC

The TC52-HC and TC57-HC are built upon the the highly successful TC51/TC56 with the latest capabilities available on the Android mobile OS.

Zebra TC51-HC mobile computer 487px

Zebra TC51-HC

With the TC51-HC, healthcare workers have all the functionality they need to tackle virtually any task— while keeping patient data and privacy secure.


ET40 & ET45 Enterprise Tablet Features

ET40 & ET45 Enterprise Tablet brochure and specifications

TC5x-HC, TC52ax-HC, TC57x-HC brochure and specifications

TC21-HC & TC26-HC brochure and specifications

TC52-HC brochure and specifications

TC51-HC brochure and specifications

Clinical Mobility Guide:
Medical grade plastics withstand repeated exposure to multiple disinfectant wipe downs

Cleaning and Disinfecting Guidelines for Zebra TC5X-HC Products

Infographic — Zebra Global Healthcare Vision Study Highlights

Senior clinicians and administrators continue to overcome challenges related to patient care, inventory and asset visibility, labor shortages, and workflow management. Within patient care, note the emphasis on locationing and where decision-makers plan to implement workflow automation within the next year.

File name: Zebra-Global-Healthcare-Vision-Study-Infographic.pdf

Date posted: October 25, 2021

Report — Zebra Global Healthcare Vision Study Report

Intelligent Workflow Automation Ushers In A New Era.

About the Study

Zebra’s Global Healthcare Vision Study was conducted among more than 500 senior-level hospital leaders within the clinical, IT and procurement disciplines.

Full 14 page report

File name: Zebra-Global-Healthcare-Vision-Study-Report.pdf

Date posted: October 25, 2021

Zebra Healthcare 2022 Vision Study— Clinical Mobility Evolution

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Over the past year, lead times for label raw material as well as hardware continue to lengthen and remain unsteady. Demand is also quite strong, and we are closely monitoring our suppliers. Whenever possible, we bring in additional inventory to meet clients’ needs. When planning to order labels, printers, mobile computers, scanners, etc, please do so with as much advanced notice as possible. Order early! Thank you for your understanding during this time.