ISBT 128 Blood Bank Labels

Blank labels from Digi-Trax®

Single Quadrant

2″ x 2″

Two Quadrant

2″ x 4″

Four Quadrant

4″ x 4″

Facility Product

3.23″ x 2″

Intended Recipient

2.5″ x 1″

Digi-Trax® label material has been laboratory tested and matched with special resin ink ribbons to meet rigorous standards required as per the ISBT 128 compliant print specifications. It meets durable print standards set forth in the FDA Guidelines.

The adhesive coating meets FDA; CFR21, Sec. 175.105 requirements for direct and indirect bag applications.

The label and ribbon combination is designed to withstand freezing, water bath, bleach disinfecting and repeated abrasion and will not wrinkle, shred, or smudge. The durable thermal transfer ink image printing will remain legible under these harsh conditions.

All Digi-Trax® thermal transfer labels feature high initial tack and ultimate adhesion. In addition, our adhesives offer good resistance to U.V., plasticizers and water.

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Pre-Printed ISBT 128 Blood Bank Labels

Any ISBT 128 label you need:  Piggyback or single-ply labels

No minimum label quantity ($50 minimum order)

Combine labels to meet $50 minimum


DINselect™ is a concept of using several ways to produce your donation identification labels

Haemonetics BloodTrack Label

New blood bag label compatible with the Haemonetics BloodTrack inventory module


Premium label material with highly specialized cold temperature adhesive

Digi-Trax® is pleased to be an AABB Corporate Partner. We are happy to support the blood and biotherapies community. Learn more.

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Over the past year, lead times for label raw material as well as hardware continue to lengthen and remain unsteady. Demand is also quite strong, and we are closely monitoring our suppliers. Whenever possible, we bring in additional inventory to meet clients’ needs. When planning to order labels, printers, mobile computers, scanners, etc, please do so with as much advanced notice as possible. Order early! Thank you for your understanding during this time.