Healthcare Wristbands

Digi-Trax Patient Identification Solution

Healthcare Wristbands

As one of the few authorized distributors of wristbands, we can offer an extensive line of high-quality, durable wristbands for a variety of printer types.

Digi-Trax provides direct-print, bar-coded, durable laser and thermal printable wristband solutions so that hospitals can ensure adult, pediatric and infant patients are accurately identified throughout their hospital stay. These wristband print solutions enable immediate access to critical patient information at the bedside and across all hospital departments.

For more information, please review our patient ID brochures. See our patient ID wristband printers.

Exceptional Quality with Zebra Z-Bands

Designed, produced and rigorously tested, you get optimum image durability and scanning performance with Z-Band wristbands. They are resistant to hand sanitizers and are available in a variety of sizes and softness levels.

Zebra Positive Patient ID Fact Sheet

Positive Patient Identification from admission to discharge

Soft Infant Z-Band Wristband Solutions

Wristbands gentle enough for a newborn’s delicate skin

PPID & Specimen Collection Guide

Solutions for PPID & Specimen Collection

Laserband ST

Print one-day wristbands at mobile hospitals with an existing laser printer

View additional Postive Patient Identification Brochures

SATO SoftTouch logo 604px

SATO SoftTouch™ Wristbands provide superior patient comfort with a soft feel and improved flexibility. These highly durable wristbands provide critical patient information at the point of care and improve HIPAA security compliance. Comfortable, durable, SATO anti-microbial wristbands remain legible after exposure to water, abrasion, cleaners and everyday wear.

Safe Patient Identification for Adult and Infant Care

SATO’s DuraMark™ Wristbands with SATO’s Failsafe Fasteners™ are virtually indestructible and display various details of patient information, encoded securely in a barcode. They remain legible even after extended exposure to water, abrasion, cleaners and everyday wear.

SATO SoftTouch Wristbands stock image
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SATO Wristbands provide safety with positive identification of patients, using both human readable text, barcodes and if desired, a patient picture.

Use of the wristbands provide enhanced safety through positive identification of each individual patient. Medical and account number of each patient can be linked by human readable text, barcodes and if needed the patient’s picture. All without the need of thermal transfer ribbons which are cumbersome, increase costs, and are under HIPAA guidelines require expensive destruction procedures.

SATO SoftTouch™ Wristbands

View brochure for SoftTouch wristband details

SATO SoftTouch Wristbands detailed view
SATO SoftTouch Duramark clasp colors

We offer these Duramark™ Failsafe Fasteners™ in various colors

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