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Blood Collection Centers

Digi-Trax is the primary provider of hardware, software and labeling supplies to blood banks that are engaged in collecting, processing, testing, storing, and distributing whole blood and blood products.

Blood banks store products that include whole blood, red blood cell, platelet, and plasma for short periods of time depending upon the outcome of the testing process.

For over thirty years, we have been serving this marketplace with identification solutions and have established long term relationships with the pioneers of ISBT bar code compliance – (AABB) the American Association of Blood Banks, (ICCBBA), International Council for Commonality in Blood Banking Automation and others.

Blood Transfusion Services

According to the American Association of Blood Banks, approximately 15 million units of red blood cells are being transfused in the United States each year.

Digi-Trax provides a variety of identification products for the hospital transfusion services area of the hospital. Hardware, software and labeling supplies along with a comprehensive service and support program comprise the total solution.

Cellular Therapy

Over the past five years, the Cell Therapy industry has grown by 14.4% to reach revenue of $1 billion in 2017. The cell therapy industry consists of skin and chronic wound cell therapy products, musculoskeletal cell therapy products and cancer cell therapy products. We offer unique, standalone and integrated labeling systems to identify these products accurately and effectively.


The market for plasma continues to rapidly accelerate as blood is further fractionated to address more disease treatments and research requirements. Digi-Trax provides a value-added approach encompassing RFID and technology- based solutions to its plasma partners.


Positive patient identification in the laboratory is absolutely critical. Our products, including printers, software, and labels help to ensure increased patient safety, better control and improved laboratory results. We work in tandem with the major LIS companies such as Sunquest, Cerner, MEDITECH and others to provide certified products that seamlessly integrate into their laboratory information systems.


Digi-Trax successfully provides compounding and hospital pharmacies with labels designed for unit doses, syringes and IV bags. Printing vibrant easy-to-distinguish labels on durable, waterproof media can significantly decrease medication errors that occur from misreading information. We also sell thermal printers that can produce your pharmacy labels on demand, on site, when you need them.

Positive Patient ID

Positive patient identification (PPID) prevents medical errors in such areas as medication administration, specimen collection, transfusion, and testing. Digi-Trax offers printers and supplies to improve the reliability of patient identification processes which ultimately reduce misidentification and errors. We also offer a very robust, high quality wristband product line that has been successfully used in a majority of healthcare environments for many years.

Life Sciences

A biorepository provides innovative services for the collection, processing, storage, distribution and management of all types of biospecimens. Proper identification of specimens is critical at all BioBanks to maintain accurate records, research and traceability. Digi-Trax remains committed to the implementation of new identification technologies to address the needs of this market.




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To Digi-Trax Clientsupdated September 23, 2021

With demand remaining strong during this pandemic, lead times for raw materials for labels as well as hardware have lengthened and become somewhat unsteady. While we are monitoring our suppliers closely and bringing in additional inventory, if you are a Digi-Trax® client needing labels and/or printers, mobile computers, scanners, etc, please consider this situation and place upcoming orders with as much advance notice as possible. Order early! Thank you for your understanding during this time.