Customize component transfusion labels

Improve Your Label Design

Our unique CrossTrax™ system takes data from your LIS and converts it to a label format that is customized to your requirements. This new label is printed to a desktop bar code printer simply and efficiently. The end result is a label that is easier to read and more effective in your operation. 

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Improve Patient Safety

Improve patient safety with a easier to read, more organized design format

Eliminate Keystroke Errors

Eliminate keystroke errors by using 2D bar codes that can be scanned in directly to your HIS/LIS system

Reduce Mislabeling Risk

Reduce the risk of mislabeling the unit for transfusion

Less Paperwork

Less paperwork needed. Reduce an 8.5” x 11” paper size to a 4 x 4 label/tag format. No need for multi-part forms any more.

Avoid Dot Matrix Printers

Avoid using a dot matrix printer. CrossTrax™ can accommodate a wide range of existing printers and convert the information to a label/tag format for a desktop barcode printer.

Reduce Your Costs

Reduce your cost of printing tags




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