Manufacturer Support Videos

Learn about important procedures for your Digi-Trax hardware

Zebra ZT400 Series: How-to Load Ribbon and Media

Learn how-to load ribbon and media on a Zebra ZT400 series printer.

Run time: 1:08

Zebra ZT400 Series: How-to Remove Labels

Learn how-to remove labels from the Zebra ZT400 series printers.

Run time: 0:47

Zebra ZT400 Series: How-to Remove Ribbon

Learn how-to remove the ribbon from the Zebra ZT400 series printers.

Run time: 0:49

Zebra ZT400 Series: How-to Adjust Printhead Pressure

Learn how-to adjust printhead pressure on the Zebra ZT400 series printers.

Run time: 1:54

Zebra ZT400 Series: Ribbon In Setting

Learn how-to set the ZT400 series printers when new ribbon has been loaded.

Run time: 0:33

Zebra ZT400 Series: How-to Manually Calibrate

Learn how-to manually calibrate the ribbon and media sensors on the Zebra ZT400.

Run time: 4:08

Zebra ZD420 - Getting Started

Official Zebra Video showing you how-to use the Zebra ZD420 label printer. Also applies to the ZD600 series printers.

Run time: 3:08

Zebra ZD420 Manual Print Darkness Adjustment

Learn how-to manually adjust the print darkness on the ZD420 and ZD600 series Zebra printers.

Run time: 1:11

Zebra ZD420 Manual Print Width Adjustment

Learn how-to manually adjust the print width on the Zebra ZD420 and ZD600 series printers.

Run time: 1:14

Zebra ZD420 Automatic Media Calibration

Learn how-to automatically calibrate the ZD420 and ZD600 series Zebra printers for use with your label media.

Run time: 1:06

Zebra ZD420 How-to Manually Calibrate Media

Learn how-to manually calibrate the ZD420 and ZD600 series Zebra printers for use with your label media.

Run time: 2:13

Zebra ZD420 How-to Change Label Media

Learn how-to change label media in the ZD420 and ZD600 series printers from Zebra.

Run time: 3:12

Zebra ZD420 Changing the Ribbon

Learn how-to change the ribbon in the ZD420 and ZD600 series printers from Zebra.

Run time: 2:32

Digi-Trax Product Videos

Learn About New Identification Technology Products

Digi-Trax PPID Solutions

Nothing in healthcare is more critical than ensuring the right patient receives the right care. Digi-Trax and our valued partner, Zebra Technologies, will help your ambulatory surgery center (ASC) and hospital implement customized positive patient identification solutions. Improve clinician workflows and increase patient safety with Digi-Trax. Learn more

Run time: 2:18

Ensure Newborn Patient Safety

with JCAHO-compliant identification and tracking

In partnership with Zebra Technologies, we’re providing a solution that makes it easy to follow JCAHO’s mandate.

Run time: 1:05

Zebra Healthcare Printers

Increase the efficiency of your facility’s operations with the ZD621-HC and the ZD421-HC Healthcare Printers. These upgraded models deliver increased performance, reliability and have new wireless options available!


Run time: 0:18

Zebra ET40-HC & ET45-HC Enterprise Healthcare Tablets

The ET40-HC (WiFi only) and ET45-HC (WiFi + cellular) are Zebra’s latest Enterprise Healthcare Tablets.

TC52-HC from Digi-Trax®

Built specifically for healthcare, the TC52 touch computer is designed to improve the patient experience. Learn about the benefits of this multifunctional new solution.

Run time: 1:44

CS60-HC from Digi-Trax®

Learn about the CS60-HC series healthcare companion scanner that can convert from corded to cordless operation.

Run time: 1:22

DS8100-HC from Digi-Trax®

Learn about the DS8100-HC handheld scanner and its unique scanning abilities.

Run time: 2:35

Zebra's Virtual Tether Technology

Both the cradle and scanner will alert users when a CS60-HC is taken out of range, misplaced, or unintentionally left out of the cradle for an extended period of time – a helpful reminder to return the CS60 to its charge cradle.

Run time: 1:25

GX vs ZD621 Comparison

High Level Comparison of Zebra’s GX vs ZD621 desktop printers

Run time: 5:11

Which Desktop Printer is right for you?

 ZD421 or ZD621 — Regardless of which Zebra Printer you choose, you’ll get a printer that’s Durable, Secure, Easy-to-use, and built from Zebra’s 50 years of legacy in the barcode printing market.

Run time: 1:37

Unboxing Your ZD421 & ZD621 Desktop Printers

Regional Product Manager, Richard Hughes-Rowlands, unboxes the new ZD421 & ZD621 Series Desktop Printers from Zebra

Run time: 3:08

Accessories for your ZD421 & ZD621 Desktop Printers

Zebra Desktop Printing accessories are a great way to solve customer problems and add value.

Run time: 2:22

ZT411 Out of Box and Basic Setup

Demonstrates the out of box experience and how to perform a basic setup of a Zebra ZT411 Industrial Printer.

Run time: 6:31

Digi-Trax Support Videos

Take a look at our extensive video library for all our products. You will see valuable information that can help you with buying decisions, troubleshooting and user training

Browse videos below to help you learn more about HemaTrax®

TLP and Digi-Trax

TLP and Digi-Trax have teamed up to provide high quality, very cost competitive DIN labels to blood centers and transfusion services departments.

Run time: 2:32

HemaTrax-UNITY™ Overview & Tutorial

See the new features in HemaTrax-UNITY.

Run time: 4:06

HemaTrax® Network Integrated 3.x & Standalone 6.x Demo & Tutorial

Learn about the many features & benefits of using HemaTrax software.

Run time: 6:00


Learn how using DINselect can save you 50% on DIN labeling with our on-demand system.

Run time: 2:28




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