The Al Anesthesia Drug Assistant

AIDA Identifies and Prints Labels for Anesthesia Drugs. Your Trusted AI tool in Syringe Labeling.

Save time and be compliant by automatically printing anesthesia labels. Simply scan any drug vial with AIDA’s on-board camera and in seconds AIDA prints a color-coded, tall-man lettered label with your initials, date and time.

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Save time. Reduce errors.

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Why Use AIDA?

  • Ensure regulatory and industry compliance for anesthesia syringe labeling
  • Eliminate labeling mistakes caused by human error
  • Increase patient safety
  • Boost staff productivity by eliminating labeling tasks
  • Improve staff job satisfaction by utilizing modern tools designed for healthcare
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AIDA can also print dilutions, check for drug recalls and expired drugs, record lot numbers with expiration dates and so much more!

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AIDA Keeps You Compliant With Upcoming ISMP Guidelines:

  • Eliminate the use of handwritten labels in perioperative/procedural areas by 2025
  • Inclusion of machine-readable bar codes on all syringe and infusion labels by 2025
  • Label PRACTITIONER-PREPARED syringes of medications with the full name, concentration/ dose of the drug, name or initials of the preparing practitioner, as well as an expiration date (when not used in 24 hours), and time (if expiration occurs in less than 24 hours). Application of an anesthesia color-coded drug class label alone is not sufficient.
  • Use machine-readable coding bar codes in preoperative/ preprocedural and postoperative/ postprocedural settings to verify patients and medications/solutions prior to administration.
  • Take steps to implement machine-readable bar codes in intraoperative/ intraprocedural workflows to confirm medication/solution selection prior to administration.

Improve clinician workflows and stay compliant with AIDA

The AI label scanning system instantly identifies any drug approved for use by the FDA and prints a syringe label that adheres to guidelines set forth by:

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United States Pharmacopoeia

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The American Society for Testing and Materials

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Quality patient care is too important

Anesthesia providers are busy taking care of their patients. Labeling those syringes is a time intensive task. AIDA can help by making it easy to label. Just scan the vial. It now takes sconds and not minutes to label your syringes.

AIDA can assist in reducing adverse drug reactions caused by drug labeling errors.

Handwriting a syringe label can take more than 20 seconds.
AIDA scans a vial and prints a syringe label in 6 seconds.

Never fill out a label by hand again.

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What Can AIDA Do For You:

Automatically Generates & Prints Labels

Reduce medication errors with AIDA automatically generating anesthesia syringe labels

Identify Drugs Instantly

AIDA will identify all FDA approved drugs in the US

Increase Patient Safety

Intuitive operation reduces identification and labeling errors

Check FDA Drug Status

AIDA alerts you if a drug is expired or recalled

With nearly 40 years of experience, we apply our expertise to every aspect of the anesthesia identification and labeling solution. Digi-Trax will improve your data capture workflows so you can focus on patient care.

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AIDA brochure

system overview & quick specs

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AIDA detailed specs

full product specifications

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Frequently Asked Questions when using the AIDA labeling system

Just how does AIDA really work?

AIDA prints medication dosages and dilutions. Provider can customize their dilutions

AIDA prints medication dosages and dilutions. Provider can customize their dilutions

You can look up detailed drug information with AIDA’s Drug Library

See how much faster AIDA is compared to traditional anesthesia labeling:

Look how easy AIDA is to use!

Digi-Trax will help your facility streamline workflows, improve accuracy and eliminate errors.

For nearly 40 years, we have provided industry-leading patient idenfication, blood, cellular therapy and specimen identification solutions— including software, printers, wristbands, labels, barcode scanners, and more.

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