Bar Code Scanners


Bar Code Scanners

Our healthcare scanners are designed to work quietly and efficiently for long periods while also withstanding anti-bacterial cleaning.

With such options as remote scanner management, in order to ensure device health as well as ongoing support from us, your critical operations will continue uninterrupted. We can provide you with 1D and 2D scanners that work seamlessly in your operation.

Be sure to incorporate the scanner model that matches your healthcare needs. Take a look at our options and decide what will work best in your facility.

The Zebra CS60-HC scanner can be converted to either cordless or corded depending upon your application.

Features include:

• First of its kind convertible design
Proven performance
Effortless multitasking
Disinfectant ready housing
Safe LED aimer

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DS9900-HD series specifications

DS4600-HC series specifications

CS60-HC specifications

DS8100-HC series scanners

Learn how HemaTrax® software can scan 5 bar codes at once with the DS8100-HC scanner

DS8100-HC series specifications

Cleaning and Disinfecting Guidelines for Zebra Healthcare Scanners

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