Ensure Newborn Patient Safety

with JCAHO-compliant identification and tracking

Digi-Trax® works with many leading hospitals to help them ensure newborn patient safety with JCAHO-compliant identification and tracking.

In partnership with Zebra Technologies, we’re providing a solution that makes it easy to follow JCAHO’s mandate– use at least two distinct naming conventions when identifying newborn patients. These conventions must include the mother’s first name and a unique identifier.

The extremely affordable Zebra/Digi-Trax LaserBand2 Advanced Labor and Delivery Solution

Zebra’s LaserBand2 Advanced wristband fits quite comfortably on a newborn’s wrist and is easier to position for quick scanning than other wristbands. You can print these wristbands on one laser sheet using your existing printers, and they’re engineered with a self-laminating seal for extra protection.

The seal protects printed barcodes and patient information from moisture and hand sanitizers, more effectively than other wristbands on the market. It’s one of the many reasons why over 215 million U.S. healthcare patients are identified by a Zebra laser or thermal wristband each year.

If accurate and positive patient identification is a top priority for your hospital, we’d be happy to share more details about Zebra’s LaserBand2 solution and help you explore the best options to safely identify and track your patients at such a crucial time. To learn more, please contact your Digi-Trax Regional Sales Manager, call us at 800-356-6126 or email us at info@digi-trax.com.

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