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April 3, 2020

AABB Launches New Website to Inform Public About Convalescent Plasma

Bethesda, Md. – AABB is launching today a new website as an educational resource to inform the public, blood collectors and clinicians about COVID-19 convalescent plasma (CCP). The new website,, was made possible by a grant from the Cerus Corporation. It will provide information to connect people who have recovered from COVID-19 to AABB-accredited blood centers so that they can potentially donate convalescent plasma to help improve the status of critically ill patients with COVID-19. Learn more


With label demand remaining strong during this pandemic, lead times for raw materials have lengthened and become somewhat unsteady. While we are monitoring our suppliers closely and bringing in additional inventory, if you are a Digi-Trax label customer, please consider this situation and place upcoming orders with as much advance notice as possible. Order early! Thank you for your understanding during this time.

March 16, 2020

A message from Digi-Trax® regarding COVID-19

Like most companies, protecting the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners is our top priority. We are monitoring this emergency situation closely and will continue to assess our contingency plan.

Going forward, as some of our hardware manufacturers are in Asia, you may see a slight extension in lead times on some products. Rest assured, we shall keep you notified immediately of any such delays and we are in frequent communication with our hardware manufacturers.

We have communicated with our raw material label suppliers and feel confident that we have the materials, capacity and flexibility to meet your needs by continuing our standard business operations. We are not experiencing any label supplier component issues and our vendors have brought in additional material to cover us in the event of a disruption in supply. At this point, our supply chain is sound. We will keep you informed, should our position change.

If you use our HemaTrax® software, please be advised that the COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma product codes will be included in our next HemaTrax release. Until that release, you can add those product codes either through a database patch or manually depending upon the version of software you have. Please see the documents below.

Our hearts go out to all impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak.


Digi-Trax Product Resources:

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Medical grade plastics withstand repeated exposure to multiple disinfectant wipe downs


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COVID-19 Infographic— Drive Thru Station Solution

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HemaTrax Product Code Updates

HemaTrax® Network Integrated versions 8.0 & 9.0 Product Code Table Patch:

ICCBBA’s 7.60.0 product table update contains 15 new product codes up to EA788, including 14 for #ApheresisPlatelets and 1 for #ApheresisFreshFrozenPlasma.

Download the HemaTrax® product code update via Digi-Trax® LSS

Update published 5-4-2022
Text updated 5-16-2022

View previous HemaTrax® Product Code Table Update release notes

HemaTrax 3.x product code updates

How to manually add new products in the HemaTrax® Network Integrated Product Table Database for version 3.x only

Updated 4-7-2020

Wristband Printing from an existing laser printer

Print one-day wristbands at mobile hospitals to identify patients during procedures in ambulatory surgery centers and outpatient clinics.


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To Digi-Trax Clientsupdated February 16, 2022

Over the past few months, lead times for label raw material as well as hardware continue to lengthen and remain unsteady. Demand is also quite strong, and we are closely monitoring our suppliers. Whenever possible, we bring in additional inventory to meet clients’ needs. When planning to order labels, printers, mobile computers, scanners, etc, please do so with as much advanced notice as possible. Order early! Thank you for your understanding during this time.

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